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Ongoing meds


In pediatrics, most of the conditions that we treat with ongoing medications are fairly nebulous, which can make it hard to know how well we’re doing.  Therefore, it’s important to review from time to time where we are and where we’re going, and in general how well we’re meeting our shared goals for your child.  This is especially true in the case of asthma, hayfever, ADHD and diabetes. 



In most cases, if your child is doing well on a steady dose of a prescription medicine, I can refill it without a check-up for up to four months. If you would like a refill without coming into the office, please call and leave the phone number of your pharmacy (see details at right), and I will almost always contact your pharmacy by the end of the day. After four months, I need to see your child for a brief visit to monitor how well he or she is doing and to make sure there aren’t important side effects going on.



 If you’re not pleased with how things are going and want to consider a different medication, different dosage or a different program, then your child definitely needs a visit so I can give you some face-to-face time and attention.  Please call the office to set up an appointment and we will talk it over.  If there are pertinent school, homework or other materials to review, please bring them to the appointment.  My goal is to do the best we can for your particular child as he or she grows, changes and develops.


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