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Our office and our staff

We have lots of books, a few big toys, and wildlife-themed exam rooms, all with an emphasis on marine life.  (There's a Star Wars room too though.)   But most important are the humans!

Here are the people you'll meet when you come to see Dr. Keene.  (For information on Dr. Schramm, click here.)

Our two most recent scribes, Hasmik Nasaryan and Leah Thomas, both have begun training to become physicians. Hasmik is in her second year at Western School of Osteopathic Medicine in  Pomona, and Leah is in her first at Loma Linda School of Medicine in Loma Linda.  We are tremendously proud of them and know they'll do great things!

Leah Thomas.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 2.25.36 PM.png

Good luck, Hasmik and Leah!

Brianna Vela.png
Brianna Vela, 
Medical Assistant

Brianna is the person who'll weigh and measure your child, bring them to a room and give them their shots. She joined our staff in September of 2021 after earning her Bachelor's degree from Cal State Los Angeles. Brianna hails from California's Coachella Valley, where she has four younger siblings and always loved being their big sister. "So I thought, why not try pediatrics?" she said. "And I've been here a year and I love it."  She's fluent in Spanish, likes to rollerskate and swim in the ocean, and hopes one day to become a Physician's Assistant.

Maggie Valenzuela, Medical Assistant

Maggie, a mom and grandmother herself (is she old enough?),  has been working with Dr. Keene for more than 25 years. She knows all the patients and their families and is loved for her warmth and friendliness to all.  She has four grandchildren so far, and when she's not working or taking care of them, she likes to go hiking around the San Gabriel Valley. 

Brittany Hudson, 

Brittany is the person who will greet you both on the phone and when you arrive at our office.  Originally from Reading, Pennsylvania (a good railroad to own in Monopoly!). she's lived in St. Louis and in Arkansas, where she worked at the national headquarters of Walmart, and she's happy now to be working in a more family-oriented environment. In her free time, Brittany likes writing, basketball, and visiting the dog park with her Great Dane-mix, KP.

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